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Monday, February 22, 2010

Looking for the Next Island Teacher -- Part One

This is a neat story......

I probably would have applied for an ad like this too.

Here's the story.

by Eva Murray

Recently somebody asked me how I came to live on Matinicus Island. Being neither a vacationer nor a lobsterman, I came to this remote community the third most common way.
Twenty-three years ago I answered a classified ad in the Bangor Daily News that simply read, “teacher wanted for one-room school.”

In 1987, two years out of college, I was living in South Thomaston in a two-room camp, lugging my water, reading old issues of National Fisherman in the outhouse, and doing up firewood on the weekends. At a previous interview with the Rockland area school board, a well-known board member who was considered a force to be reckoned with asked me outright whether I was a “real team player.” I lied.

They didn’t want my honest answer to that question. I didn’t get the Rockland job just the same; later I heard that I should have learned to speak education-jargon, a lingo quite foreign to me.

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