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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Maine Contractor Charged with Fraud Over Forged Signature

Contractors are a seedy bunch....

Okay....not all of them.

But geez, I've had more trouble with uneducated contractors with no business savvy then with any other profession.

Oh well.....

Here's the deal....

FORT EDWARD -- A Maine-based contracting company has been indicted on charges that accuse it of submitting a forged contract to a Supreme Court justice in a lawsuit over a construction bill.

Maine Drilling & Blasting LLC., which has an office in Hartford, faces four charges, including felony counts of forgery and offering a false instrument for filing. It also faces misdemeanor counts of falsifying business records and offering a false instrument for filing.

The charges stem from a lawsuit Maine Drilling & Blasting filed in September 2008 against Bolton contractor Don Kingsley Excavating LLC and a Schenectady County contractor over work Maine Drilling & Blasting did at the site of the King's Quarters townhouse development in Kingsbury.
Maine Drilling & Blasting sought $183,113 from Kingsley and CW Custom Builders of Rotterdam for blasting work it claimed it was not paid for.

As part of that lawsuit, Maine Drilling & Blasting submitted a contract to the court that bore what was supposed to be a photocopied signature of Don Kingsley, owner of Don Kingsley Excavating. But Kingsley claimed that signature was forged and that Maine Drilling's agreement was with CW Custom Builders only.

Court records allege that a copy of Kingsley's signature was allegedly taken from another document and attached to the contract. Without a contract with Kingsley, Maine Drilling & Blasting would not be able to sue the Bolton company.

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