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Friday, February 12, 2010

Man Pleads Guilty in Toy Theft

I mean come on.....

All this for a $250 toy? I'm sure the retailer (Coastal Hobbies on Route 1 in Rockport) want to make a point. 

But everyone forgets to mention the first toy this guy purchased was broken. The business owner wouldn't replace the guy just took a new one. 

Is it really worth it? For the retailer...I guess so.


Rockland — A 67-year-old Rockland man pleaded guilty Feb. 11 in Rockland District Court to a charge that he stole a remote control helicopter from a local store.

Michael Crane made an agreement with the District Attorney's Office that if he meets certain conditions without further violations for the next six months, the charge will be dismissed.;jsessionid=AF4C9DF8B16BD7D9C64565DB0FDAC519

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