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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Rockland Sinkhole Grows - Crews Explore Fix

For some reason I knew this hole was going to grow and become even more expensive to fix.

This type of stuff keeps government workers in business.

Granted, I want the stupid thing fixed....and it's great state of Maine is coughing up some of the money.

But it seems whenever and wherever the government gets involved things always become worse. be fair.....things get worse 80% of the time :)

Here's the Rockland "mini-dig".....

ROCKLAND, Maine - The Maine Department of Transportation is working at the site of the 65-foot deep sinkhole on Old County Road in Rockland today to determine how to best fix the road.

Officials say the road will be in working order in a few weeks, but are not sure yet what work must be done.

The MDOT used radar Monday to determine where other possible sinkhole sites might be. The radar can detect hollowness under the tar.

MDOT workers also determined how deep the sinkhole is - about 65 to 70 feet - according to Mike Burns, the acting bureau director of maintenance and operations for MDOT.

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