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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Union to Pursue Moratorium on Wind Farms

So my opinion, wind farms are a joke.

At least the way they're being developed, produced and marketed today.

But some towns, like Union, should be looking for ways to generate revenue not curtail it or put it on hold.

But that's me....

Here's the deal......

(Photo by: Daniel Dunkle) Town Manager Jay Feyler at a recent meeting.

Union — Selectmen voted unanimously Feb. 16 to pursue a moratorium on wind farms in Union while the town drafts new regulations for the energy producers, according to Town Manager Jay Feyler.

He said selectmen cannot impose the moratorium on their own authority. Such action must be approved by voters at the annual town meeting June 14. Selectmen will hold informational meetings on the issue and draft a proposal for the town meeting warrant.

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