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Friday, February 12, 2010

Why Buy the Newspaper?

I know Richard.......

Village Soup is the reason I started Village Stoop. I don't think news or print newspapers the way Richard envisions it is the future. I think it'll be more like, Associated Content, and news aggregation services like Google News.

Traditional ournalists do not always cover the news, nor are they always interesting writers.

Oh's Richard Anderson's take....(Richard is the founder of Village Soup a local newspaper and website).....

Let's think about this situation. I, and I am confident that you, can't imagine relying on volunteers to arise in the middle of the night to report on a tragic fire, to leave a family holiday gathering to report on and assist in the recovery of an accident victim, to attend evening municipal or school proceedings, or to cover the action at the local sports events with plenty of photos for Grandma and Grandpa. Such volunteers would need to make sure the coverage was fair and accurate, and would need to provide context and follow up.

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