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Monday, March 22, 2010

2 -Bedroom Home One Car Garage -- $850/mo Plus Utilities

I mean come on.....

It seems like landlords and so-called investment real estate "gurus" are living ina dreamworld.

Are you kidding me?

It's a depression. You want to charge $850 a month for some ramshackle house in Rockland's south end?

Okay...maybe this house is not in the south end (I don't know).... and maybe its not "ramshackle"...but get with the program. 

We're in a depression! I realize the landlord is probably broke...or underwater with the mortgage, but geez....if you want to rent the house cut the rent in half...then you'll be closer to reality.

But you won't...because somebody will probably rent it....and move out 6 months later.


There's no picture, details, address, or anything. Come on.

Here's the deal.........

Category: Unfurnished Homes
2 - Bedroom home and one car garage.  $850/mo plus util

Rockland - Kenniston Realty

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