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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Boy Testifies About Events Leading up to Shooting

This paints a whole new picture of Young. He doesn't sound like a fine upstanding young man to me.

plus...I don't know how he could pull this crap with a 12 year old on the boat.

Here's the story....................

By Judy Harrison
BDN Staff

ROCKLAND, Maine — A 13-year-old New Hampshire boy who spends summers on Matinicus testified Wednesday about events leading up to the July 20, 2009, shooting on the town wharf.

Edwin Vance Bunker, 68, of Matinicus and Owls Head is charged with two counts of elevated aggravated assault, criminal threatening and reckless conduct. His daughter, Janan Miller, 45, of Spruce Head is charged with reckless conduct.

Calvin Johnstone of Hopkinton, N.H., testified on the third day of the trial in Knox County Superior Court that he was on Bunker’s boat when Christopher Young, 42, of Owls Head boarded the boat without permission at about 5:30 a.m. July 20. Johnstone also told the jury he heard Young threaten Miller’s husband, Alan Miller, 60, of Spruce Head over a radio that lobstermen use to communicate with each other and relatives onshore.

The boy, who was 12 in July, said that he has spent the past four summers on Matinicus, where his family has a summer home. For the past two years, he has worked for Bunker on his lobster boat.

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