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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Buffett Sister and Rockport Resident Gives $500,000 to Camp CaPella


That's the first I heard she lived in Rockport.....

DEDHAM, Maine — Doris Buffett, sister of billionaire investor Warren Buffett, has agreed to donate up to $500,000 through her family’s foundation to support Camp CaPella, a facility on Phillips Lake that serves children and adults with disabilities.

A substantial portion of the gift, which will be announced formally at a news conference today, will go toward buying the camp property and facilities outright. However, $65,000 will be given as a matching grant, which could be used to set up an endowment, a capital fund reserve account, a scholarship fund or all three.

“The way I feel about it is, How would I feel if I had a child who was handicapped?” Buffett said in remarks provided to the Bangor Daily News. “And when I know how tough it would be, my heart goes out to them, and I want to help, and I hope others will do the same.”

Buffett, who is from Omaha, Neb., but owns a home in Rockport, launched her family’s philanthropy firm, the Sunshine Lady Foundation Inc., in 1996 and has given tens of millions of dollars to organizations across the country. Her brother Warren, the well-known investor and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, is perennially listed among the wealthiest Americans.

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