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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Jury Selected for Matinicus Lobsterman Shooting Trial



Here we go....

This trial could go either way.....from what I've heard the guy he shot was a troublemaker. Plus, apparently the troublemaker was on Vance's boat earlier in the day. for which he was fined.

Anyway, the jury was selected......

 By Stephen Betts

Rockland — Nearly all 130 potential jurors for the trial of a 68-year-old Matinicus lobsterman, accused of shooting another lobsterman last July, said they were aware of the incident. The trial is also for the accused lobsterman's 45-year-old daughter.

And a third of those jurors told the presiding judge that their knowledge would make it difficult to be impartial in the case.

Those were some of the results from jury selection held March 1 in Knox County Superior Court for the pending trial of Edwin Vance Bunker and his daughter Janan K. Miller. The trial is scheduled to begin Monday, March 8. The two will be tried together although the cases are separate and different verdicts could be rendered.

Jury selection took about four hours.


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