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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

O'Hara Firm Buys Key City Property

I always wondered why it took so long to sell this property.

It was probably overpriced, over-valued and insufficient zoning.

But I'm glad someone bought it and plans to clean it up....


By Stephen Betts
Rockland — An O'Hara company has purchased the former Bonnar Vawter building on New County Road, two weeks after the Rockland City Council gave final approval to zone changes for that parcel and adjoining ones.

Bebo LLC of 120 Tillson Ave. in Rockland purchased the property Feb. 19 from Restoration Associates II of Newton, Mass., according to a deed filed with the Knox County Registry of Deeds.
Bebo's manager is Francis J. O'Hara Jr., according to a statement filed with the corporations bureau of the Maine Department of the Secretary of State.

City officials acknowledged a few months ago that they have had discussions with potential developers interested in locating on New County Road but have not identified those parties at the developers' requests.

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