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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pirates Make Demands Threaten Departure -- Marc Charles

Oh brother.............

Here we go......

Look....nobody likes paying for hockey...with a few exceptions. That's why they're not making money. Plus the City of Portland holds teams hostage. 

Pirates just the team and money....the city won;t give in...its government.

Here's the deal.......

By The Mainebiz New Staff

The owner of the Portland Pirates says he wants a 15-year lease and revenue sharing with the Cumberland County Civic Center on future naming rights and concessions before the team will agree to stay in Portland.

While he's making these demands, Brian Petrovek, managing owner and CEO of the Portland Pirates, has admitted for the first time that he's been in talks with officials in Albany about moving the minor league hockey team to that city. However, Petrovek told the Portland Press Herald he is still focused on working out a deal with the civic center that would allow the team to stay in Portland.

Petrovek said he would give up the $40,000 per year paid by the civic center to cover the team’s projected deficit and also rebates paid by the civic center when the Pirates meet attendance goals.

Under the current lease, the civic center received all of the more than $346,000 in concessions revenue generated by Pirates games during the 2008-2009 season.

The civic center’s board of trustees was scheduled to meet Friday morning and discuss Petrovek’s proposal, according to the Press Herald. Neal Pratt, chairman of the trustees, told the newspaper that a deal is unlikely given what Petrovek is seeking in the new lease agreement. The Pirates' current five-year lease expires on April 30.

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