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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Rockland Golf Club Uses Financial Incentive to Lure New Members

It's hard to make money with a golf course.

But it's even harder in a depression. 

I really like the Rockland Golf Course....and Keenan's a nice guy (golf pro). 

But the greens fees are still overpriced...especially for families.

Besides...most kids just want to ride on golf carts. Why don't they make cart rentals free or family days for $25? It's almost $70 with a cart and clubs!

Good luck. 

Here's the deal.........

Rockland — Even if it has not been headline news, the slow, steady decline of the golf industry in America has been evident — especially at the local level. Golf's gradual stagnation and the decline in club memberships — along with revenues — had been a problem even before the country's current economic recession.

Clubs across the nation have been hit by the trend and Rockland's public course is no exception. Part of the reason for the decline, according to some, is the nature of golf, but another is the high cost to play the game.

The Rockland Golf Club has taken active measures to appeal to consumers and gain new membership by reducing that cost.

Beginning Feb. 1,  the Rockland Golf Club instituted a membership recruitment program to cut the cost of joining the club. The program will end July 1.

Simply put, if a returning member recruits a new member to the club, both parties receive a discount to their annual membership fees. This incentive will allow individual new members to join for $750, whereas last year's fee was nearly $1,000. The returning club member also will pay $750 for his/her membership for 2010.

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