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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Rockland Recreation Center Expected to Reopen in April

I've coached many games at the Rec center.

And now....$700,000 later it'll reopen.

I'm a big fan of the Rec center and what it does. And I now some people have no problem increasing taxes to pay for the remodel.

But here's my opinion.........

The Rec center could have been built from the ground up, at a new location, with radiant heat, state of the art floors, walls, lighting, air conditioning.....and equipment.....for a FRACTION of the rebuild cost.

That's right.

I realize the common sense approach would have never passed city counsel, the residents, and people that actually use the facility.

But believe it or not....the majority is seldom right.

You could have built a nice steel building with all of the above, in a nice location, for $250,000.

What's more, the current rebuild won't last long......and there's STILL a mold and heating problem.

Oh well......................

Here's the deal..........

By Stephen Betts
Rockland — The Rockland Recreation Center could reopen by early April after seven months of construction to breathe new life into the 75-year-old community building.

The new gym floor has been installed and new locker rooms have been built where the racquetball courts had been located.

Two finishing coats are being applied to the new floor. The floor needs to dry for 10 days before the retractable bleachers can be installed, said Recreation Director Rene Dorr. The bleachers will be located on the west side of the building where the old locker rooms were located.

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