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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Brownville plan for megaresort given extension

The forum posts (below) are much better than the article.


Marc Charles

BROWNVILLE, Maine — Now that an auction of more than 3,000 acres in Brownville has been postponed, a developer said Monday he is moving ahead as fast as possible to develop a portion of the property into a megaresort called The Reserve at Norton Pond.

Jim Dennehy, president of WHG Development LLC of California, told Brownville Planning Board members Monday night by conference call that the economy has made the process difficult and lengthier, but he still is forging ahead.

“I’ve never seen it as tough as it is today,” Dennehy said, but “things are starting to loosen up.”
Great Oak Capital LLC had placed the property owned by WHG in the Schoodic and Ebeemee lakes region up for public sale on March 3 for breach of mortgage conditions, but the sale was postponed after negotiations with Dennehy.

Forum Posts:

4 comments on this item
Mr. Dennehy has been stringing along Brownville residents with his grand vision and hard to deliver on promises...but thus far has failed to deliver on any. Deadline after deadline pass, extension after extension are given. This is a waste of Brownville's time, if he was interested he would have acted upon his promises by now. The land was even placed up for auction! Come on! I know Brownville is looking for something to support economical growth, as we have little in our small community to offer any gainful employment, but this holds no future. Mr Dennehy has nothing invested thus far and is not going to invest anything other than promises he wont act on. Continue to lead on our fair town Mr. Dennehy.

I'd rather have Mr. Dennehy keep trying to do something than have Roxanne get a hold of it. Rumor has it she was at the auction.

Perhaps we have gone back to an earlier time in our history.
Does the term " Dog and Pony show" mean anything to you all.

A megaresort-in Brownville? Has this genius ever BEEN to Brownville?

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