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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Commercial Building For Sale Rockport Village - $595k -- Reviewed by Marc Charles

Yes.....we're in a Depression. Most real estate brokers, investors and speculators refuse to accept the truth. But deep down they know the game has changed.....big time.

No one wants to admit business and sales are down because it makes them look weak, stupid or ineffective.

But Depressions happen when Central Banks control the money supply.

However, even in a Depression you can make money, prosper and find incredible deals.

Now.......this building for sale in Rockport Village is not the deal of a lifetime, nor is a deal period. I think it's still over valued and over as much as 40% or more.

However, you won't find buildings like this on the coast of Maine, in a breathtaking village like Rockport very often.

Plus, the Lucinda Corporation has purchased properties in the same area, and is restoring them to their former glory.....

So....whenever big money commits to something it's worth a look.

Granted, MBNA Bank committed major money to many parts of the Midcoast in the 1990's....and now they're long gone. But a lot of money was made when they made the investments, and the market exploded to the upside.

The point is...this building is unique. It might make sense to offer 20% less and pay cash for it. it is.......

23 Main Street Rockport Maine 04856

Year Built: 1850
Square Footage: 3356 sq ft
Lot Size (Acres): 0.50
Rooms: 9; Bedrooms: 3
Baths: 2 ½ Baths: 1; ¾ Baths:
Four story beautifully renovated downtown building with stunning Rockport Harbor views from every floor. Townhouse living with office and retail opportunities. Live in the center of the rebirth of Rockport.

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