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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Duke, Farley to Remain on Rockport Select Board

Oh we go.

Almost everyone entering politics (let's say 90%)  wants to get an advantage....Rockport, Washington DC, United Nations, whatever.

Here's the deal.........................

Rockport — A diminished Rockport Select Board, comprising acting Chairman William Chapman, Alexandra Fogel and Dale Landrith Jr., voted April 27 to affirm Chairman Robert Duke as a qualified board member. A similar vote regarding Tom Farley did not pass, but due to quorum rules Farley will remain on the board.

The dissenting vote in Farley's case came from Chapman, who said after the two-hour hearing that while he liked Farley and enjoyed working with him, contracts between the town and Farley & Son Landscaping put Farley in violation of the town charter.

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