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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Owl & Turtle Bookshop in Camden Turns 40's the deal....

I was in this bookstore the other day.

I've planned to visit it since they moved from their previous location on Bayview Street (kicked out by a competing bookstore with more moola and clout).

The new location is not the greatest.

I wasn't impressed. 


It's hard to make money in a new bookstore these days....for many reasons.

But its even harder in a depression, with books selling at or above retail prices...and limited space.

Today when you go into most bookstores all of the books are placed side-by-side instead of vertically because inventories are down 30-70%. Bookstores have make it "look" like they've got a ton of books to choose from...but it's a weak ploy.

Anyway, I'm glad they made it 40 years...but I wouldn't be surprised if the owner "secretly" has the business for sale. You can't pay inflated rent, charge above retail prices for books, carry almost no a depression....and make money.

On the other hand.....the used bookstore on Main Street in Camden (Stone Soup) is doing just fine...and the guy that runs it is a classic bookworm and retired hippie. A really nice guy.

That's it.

Marc Charles
Your Handsome Host

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