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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Rockland Receives $600,000 Downtown Grant

It looks great on the surface......and I'm glad money is flowing and improvements are being made.

But whenever a group of people get together........especially on seems they always make mistakes.

And often...someone on the committee has a serious self interest in a proposed project. Often meaning 90% of the time.

My question is this...........

$800,000 plus for side walks? It doesn't sound right.

I could get it done without government help, committee members, politicians, and "connected" contractors...not to mention union crap.....for about a third of this price. In fact, I would guarantee it in writing with a deadline...after a survey and professional proposal was completed.

Oh well..........

Here's the deal.....

Rockland Maine — The northern section of Rockland's downtown will undergo a major transformation starting this fall.

The project will move ahead with the announcement May 4 that Rockland has received a $600,000 Community Development Block Grant Program Revitalization Grant.

The grant will be used to build new sidewalks from Summer Street to North Main Street and install crosswalks, including two raised crosswalks (one by Lindsey Street and one by the Maine State Ferry Terminal). The new sidewalks will be wider than the existing ones and reduce the width of the street in an effort to slow traffic that tends to speed up after passing the business block.

City officials have repeatedly pointed out that new sidewalks in this section of the city are desperately needed because the old ones are in deplorable condition.

Only one downtown revitalization grant was awarded this year by the state, said Rockland Community Development Director Rodney Lynch.

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