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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Condominium owners sue Samoset

Now isn't that special :)

The Samoset is going down. It may not be today, this summer or next year. But we're ina Depression...and in the last Depression the Samoset went down too.

They're now a two season resort, with about half the payroll. But the "high rollers" are not golfing anymore.....I've passed the resort 6 or 7 times in the past week or so....the weather has been breathtaking....and no one is on the golfers.

If they turned the Samoset into a would probably make it. But that won't happen on the coast of Maine.....believe me.

Marc Charles

Here's the deal..................

By Stephen Betts

Rockland — The association that represents 41 condominium owners adjacent to the Samoset Resort has filed a lawsuit against the owner of the resort, saying the company has failed to meet its obligation to the condominium residents.

The lawsuit by the Samoset Resort Village Condominium Association against Samorock LLC was filed June 21 in Knox County Superior Court. Attorney Robert Rubin of Rockport represents the association.

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