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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Farnsworth Museum Cuts Staff -- Rockland Maine

By Dagney C. Ernest

Rockland — May 27 was the last day at work for four staff members of the downtown Farnsworth Art Museum. The positions of curator of historic sites, manager of Julia's Gallery, chief of security and assistant manager of the Museum Store, representing 6 percent of the nonprofit museum's staff, were eliminated in a cost-cutting restructuring.

Also implemented that day were a week's furlough for all full-time salaried staff members and some expense trimming measures. In a statement to the press, the museum likened its situation to that of the vast majority of American museums in that despite a decade of growth and expansion, it is not immune to the past years' stark financial circumstances.

The museum's fiscal year aligns with that of the calendar, so the cuts were not made in an attempt to meet a budget deadline but rather as movement toward long-term viability.

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