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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Legendary Bluegrass Band Comes to Rockland Maine

Seldom Scene, the critically acclaimed bluegrass band, makes their Strand debut! This five piece band is as well know for their traditional bluegrass tunes, as they are for pushing boundaries and taking bluegrass music in new directions. The musical history and unparalleled talent of these weathered country musicians pours into the crowd with every note they play.
In 2008 Seldom Scene was recognized with their third Grammy nomination for Best Bluegrass Album for their 20th and latest release, SCENEchronized.
"Through skilled musicianship and an urban approach to bluegrass, the Seldom Scene has become one of the most influential -- if not the most influential -- bluegrass band of their time. " - CMT

“The Seldom Scene are a lot like Fairport Convention or even Skynyrd. Although many musicians have passed through the band's ranks, its genre-defining fusion of bluegrass and California country-rock has remained consistent. Not bad for a group that never intended to be a full-time project, much less one of Americana's great institutions.” – Rhapsody

June 19 2010

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