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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Waldoboro holds town warrant review, selectmen approve fire truck bid


Nobody....especially politians, town council members, mayors, Congressmen....whomever......rarely do what's right. They do what has always been done.

You don't need firetrucks...especially not NEW firetrucks.

Towns are broke...and yet they keep borrowing money and raising taxes.

It doesn't work....plain and simple.

Policer cars and fire trucks are boondoggles.

Granted....once in awhile you need this stuff. But not NEW and not by borrowing money.

Half of the brand new police cars and fire trucks sit in the station 98% of the time doing nothing.

The brand new $350,000 ladder truck in Rockland Maine has only been used a couple of times.

Oh....and it reaches taller than any buildings in Rockland :)



Waldoboro — In years past, hundreds of Waldoboro residents have packed the Miller School gym to debate and vote on the municipal budget, proposed ordinance changes and other annual decisions. Now those decisions are made at the polls, but the town still holds a public hearing for voters to ask questions and learn about the issues.

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