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Saturday, February 27, 2010

St George Maine Home For Sale -- $225k

A little pricey......

When they say "only 7 miles from Rockland" need to drive it for yourself. It'll take about 20-25 minutes to get there.

Off Route's an okay location but not the best.

$225,000 in a Depression is not my idea of good deal....

Here's the deal....

3 Acres w/ROW to Harrington Cove. Buildings include a 46' boathouse, 20' x 28' shop w/office \ studio up, insulated, finished and w/hot air heat, and a secluded vacation cabin 14' x 18' w/loft. Walk to the water where a launching ramp and picnic area can be used. Income producing property. Located near intersection of Rt. 73 and Cline Road. Actually on Harrington Cove Rd. and Cline Rd. Only 7 mi. south of Rockland. Asking $225,000. Reasonable offers considered.


Owls Head Apartment for Rent -- $585

I'm not sure where this is.....

But you rarely find apartments for rent in Owls Head.....its an "insiders" market.

Category: Unfurnished Apartments
Phone: 594-4927
Posted: Feb 09, 2010
1BR, effic. very cute, w/seasonal ocean views. No pets. Heat incld. $585/mo. + sec. dep.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Lincolnville Tenant Charged with Stealing From Landlord

Elvis Lives!

At least in this thief's mind :)

Here's the story.......

Lincolnville — A Lincolnville man was arrested after police said he stole a number of household items, including a large collection of Elvis memorabilia, from his landlord.

On Feb. 17, the Waldo County Sheriff's Office arrested Jason Cromeenes, 29, charging him with felony theft.

The sheriff's office received a complaint from a property owner at 241 Greenacre Road. The woman, who currently lives in Nevada, called to report that she had been advised that the tenant who was renting her property had removed items belonging to her.

The agreement between the tenant and landlord was that all personal and household items belonging to the landlord would be stored in one room of the home and the tenants could use the rest of the house as their rental, according to a press release from the Waldo County Sheriff's Office.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Union to Pursue Moratorium on Wind Farms

So my opinion, wind farms are a joke.

At least the way they're being developed, produced and marketed today.

But some towns, like Union, should be looking for ways to generate revenue not curtail it or put it on hold.

But that's me....

Here's the deal......

(Photo by: Daniel Dunkle) Town Manager Jay Feyler at a recent meeting.

Union — Selectmen voted unanimously Feb. 16 to pursue a moratorium on wind farms in Union while the town drafts new regulations for the energy producers, according to Town Manager Jay Feyler.

He said selectmen cannot impose the moratorium on their own authority. Such action must be approved by voters at the annual town meeting June 14. Selectmen will hold informational meetings on the issue and draft a proposal for the town meeting warrant.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Maine Contractor Charged with Fraud Over Forged Signature

Contractors are a seedy bunch....

Okay....not all of them.

But geez, I've had more trouble with uneducated contractors with no business savvy then with any other profession.

Oh well.....

Here's the deal....

FORT EDWARD -- A Maine-based contracting company has been indicted on charges that accuse it of submitting a forged contract to a Supreme Court justice in a lawsuit over a construction bill.

Maine Drilling & Blasting LLC., which has an office in Hartford, faces four charges, including felony counts of forgery and offering a false instrument for filing. It also faces misdemeanor counts of falsifying business records and offering a false instrument for filing.

The charges stem from a lawsuit Maine Drilling & Blasting filed in September 2008 against Bolton contractor Don Kingsley Excavating LLC and a Schenectady County contractor over work Maine Drilling & Blasting did at the site of the King's Quarters townhouse development in Kingsbury.
Maine Drilling & Blasting sought $183,113 from Kingsley and CW Custom Builders of Rotterdam for blasting work it claimed it was not paid for.

As part of that lawsuit, Maine Drilling & Blasting submitted a contract to the court that bore what was supposed to be a photocopied signature of Don Kingsley, owner of Don Kingsley Excavating. But Kingsley claimed that signature was forged and that Maine Drilling's agreement was with CW Custom Builders only.

Court records allege that a copy of Kingsley's signature was allegedly taken from another document and attached to the contract. Without a contract with Kingsley, Maine Drilling & Blasting would not be able to sue the Bolton company.

Lobsterman Fined for Boarding Accused Shooter's Boat

Oh boy.....

Here we go.....

By Stephen Betts
Rockland — A 42-year-old Owls Head man was fined $500 on Feb. 22 after he pleaded guilty to criminal trespass in a case that occurred last summer aboard the lobsterboat of a man accused later that day of shooting him.

Christopher L. Young entered his plea and was fined in Knox County Superior Court.
Young was convicted of going aboard the fishing vessel of Edwin Vance Bunker on the morning of July 20 off the waters of Matinicus Island.

Bunker claimed in court documents filed last year that Young got on his boat, swore at him, grabbed him and then tried to take him down. Bunker pepper sprayed Young twice after Young refused to get off his boat, Bunker said in the affidavit. Young left after the second pepper spraying.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Rockland Sinkhole Grows - Crews Explore Fix

For some reason I knew this hole was going to grow and become even more expensive to fix.

This type of stuff keeps government workers in business.

Granted, I want the stupid thing fixed....and it's great state of Maine is coughing up some of the money.

But it seems whenever and wherever the government gets involved things always become worse. be fair.....things get worse 80% of the time :)

Here's the Rockland "mini-dig".....

ROCKLAND, Maine - The Maine Department of Transportation is working at the site of the 65-foot deep sinkhole on Old County Road in Rockland today to determine how to best fix the road.

Officials say the road will be in working order in a few weeks, but are not sure yet what work must be done.

The MDOT used radar Monday to determine where other possible sinkhole sites might be. The radar can detect hollowness under the tar.

MDOT workers also determined how deep the sinkhole is - about 65 to 70 feet - according to Mike Burns, the acting bureau director of maintenance and operations for MDOT.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Last U.S. Sardine Cannery to Close

It's too bad....

But Maine fisheries are old world at best, falling apart, and regulated to death.

On top of that, doing business in Maine is next to impossible.

Former Governor Angus King called Maine the "new Switzerland". Are you kidding me?

Maine is about as far from Switzerland as you can get.

Anyway, that's it for sardines in Maine......

Prospect Harbor — Employees at Prospect Harbor’s Stinson Sardine Cannery, the last sardine cannery in Maine and the United States, learned this week that they will be out of a job after April 18.

Bumble Bee Foods announced Feb. 17 it will close Stinson within 60 days. The plant currently employs 127 full- and part-time workers.

In a press release, Bumble Bee blamed the closure on continuing reductions of total allowable catch of herring in New England. The New England Fishery Management Council reduced the overall level of the allowable herring catch by 36 percent, from 165,000 metric tons for the 2007 to 2009 period to 106,000 metric tons for the 2010 to 2012 fishing seasons.

Sardines are juvenile herring. Stinson produces Beach Cliff brand canned sardine and herring products.

The affected workers include 12 salaried and 115 hourly positions, some of the latter of which are seasonal.

Some employees have been with the plant for decades. One has been with Stinson for 54 years.

Looking for the Next Island Teacher -- Part One

This is a neat story......

I probably would have applied for an ad like this too.

Here's the story.

by Eva Murray

Recently somebody asked me how I came to live on Matinicus Island. Being neither a vacationer nor a lobsterman, I came to this remote community the third most common way.
Twenty-three years ago I answered a classified ad in the Bangor Daily News that simply read, “teacher wanted for one-room school.”

In 1987, two years out of college, I was living in South Thomaston in a two-room camp, lugging my water, reading old issues of National Fisherman in the outhouse, and doing up firewood on the weekends. At a previous interview with the Rockland area school board, a well-known board member who was considered a force to be reckoned with asked me outright whether I was a “real team player.” I lied.

They didn’t want my honest answer to that question. I didn’t get the Rockland job just the same; later I heard that I should have learned to speak education-jargon, a lingo quite foreign to me.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Rockport Water View Apartment For Rent ---- $650

It's still a little steep, seeing we're in a depression....and renters are scarce.

But there are water views..........

I'm not sure where this apartment is......probably the apartments next to the wine shop, and close to the village center.

Here's the deal.....

Category: Unfurnished Apartments
Phone: 207-329-1161
Posted: Feb 18, 2010
In town,bright and open, 1 bedroom, wall to wall, deck, short walk to park and harbor, non-smoking, no pets, lease $650

Rockport Assessor Resigns Cites Town's Economic Uncertainty

I'm not sure why the town's uncertainty has anything to do with her leaving.

It's probably more benefits and money, less travel, politics and whatever.....



Rockport — Rockport Assessor Judy Mathiau delivered her resignation Feb. 18 and said she plans to assume a similar post with the town of Winslow in mid-March. Her last day in Rockport will be Thursday, March 4.

"It is with the greatest heartfelt emotion that I must submit my resignation as the Rockport assessor," she wrote in her letter to Town Manager Robert Peabody.

She noted her longtime association with Rockport, having worked as the town's assessors' agent from 1993 to 2000 before moving to Camden, and then to Augusta where she worked in Maine's property tax division. She returned full circle to Rockport three and a half years ago, happy to be rehired by a town for which she has great affection.

"I missed assessing and when the Rockport job opened up, I wanted to come back," she said Feb. 18. "I knew the staff -- Bruce [Woodward, Rockport fire chief] and Steve [Beveridge, Rockport public works director] would be here, and that for me was huge."

But she said the Winslow job offered more in salary than Rockport, and a shorter commute from her home in Vassalboro.

"I have a strong connection with the town of Rockport," she wrote in her resignation letter. "I have expressed this to the taxpayers through my dedicated service and I have communicated this to the other department heads. I have completely enjoyed by employment here over the past three and half years."

But she also raised the specter of budget cuts affecting municipal careers.

"With the fear of impacts on the upcoming budget through reduction in clerical support, insurance coverage and no increases in salary, the opportunity for advancement both personally and financially is necessary and timely," she wrote. 

Sink Hole Closes Old County Road

I'm amazed this hasn't happened sooner.

Maine roads and highways are like back roads in most places.

Hey....I've been here 17 I can complain!

"You can't get there form here"

Here's the deal...

Rockland — A large sinkhole opened quickly on Old County Road just across the street from the Rockland Golf Club, effectively closing the road until repairs can be made.

The hole, more like a pothole, was first noticed by a driver at approximately 4:30 p.m. and the Rockport Fire Department was notified. By the time firefighters arrived, the hole began to grow, and as it grew, the sounds from beneath the road sounded like waves crashing onto rocks.

"It sounded like Thunder Hole," said Rockland resident Valerie Wass, who, along with her husband, Eric, had traveled from Rockland on the Old County Road to a job site where their company was working. Thunder Hole is on the shore of Acadia National Park where when the seas are rough the waves crash into the rocks with a roar.