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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sternman Wanted on Matinicus Island

I wonder if the trial has anything to do with this........

Category: Full-Time

Sternman wanted to fish and live on Matinicus. Experienced, honest & reliable and hard working. Non-smoking rent avail. Serious inquiries only. Call Robert Young 366-3119

Historic Rockland Strand Theatre Since 1923

One of my hang outs....

A real gem.....

The Historic Strand Theatre, Midcoast Maine's premiere entertainment venue, has been entertaining audiences since 1923. Located in beautiful downtown Rockland, the Strand presents a year-round program of film, live music and other special events. Read more...

Friday, March 12, 2010

Bunker, Miller Found Not Guilty in Matinicus Shooting Incident

As predicted three days ago.

Here's the story...........

Rockland — A Knox County jury has found Edwin Vance Bunker and his daughter Janan Miller not guilty on all counts in the case of a shooting incident last summer on the island of Matinicus.

The jury deliberated for 11 hours over March 11 and 12 before reaching the verdict at 5 p.m. in the trial of the 68-year-old Matinicus lobsterman and his 45-year-old daughter.

Bunker and Miller had no comment as they left the courthouse. They gave hugs to their family and friends who were in the courtroom after the jurors left the room.

Justice Jeffrey Hjelm cautioned spectators in the courtroom, before the jurors were brought in to announce their verdict, not to show any outward reaction about the verdict. He said the jurors worked very, very hard and he later thanked them for their service to the community. He asked anyone who could not withhold their reactions to wait outside in the hallway.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Jury Recesses for Night in Matinicus Shooting Trial

My predication is.....

Vance will be convicted of a much lesser charge, or not guilty of the main charge.

He will not serve jail time......he's 68 going on 69.

He'll pay a fine and be given probation.

But we'll see.......................

Rockland — A Knox County jury is scheduled to resume its deliberations Friday, March 12 in the trial of a 68-year-old Matinicus lobsterman and his 45-year-old daughter for a shooting last summer on the island.

The 12-member jury deliberated for three-and-a-half hours March 11 before asking presiding Justice Jeffrey Hjelm if it could recess for the evening and resume at 8:30 a.m. Friday, March 12 in Knox County Superior Court.

The fourth day of the trial of Edwin Vance Bunker and Janan Miller was taken up by testimony by Bunker and then closing arguments by the defense attorneys and District Attorney Geoffrey Rushlau.

Boy Testifies About Events Leading up to Shooting

This paints a whole new picture of Young. He doesn't sound like a fine upstanding young man to me.

plus...I don't know how he could pull this crap with a 12 year old on the boat.

Here's the story....................

By Judy Harrison
BDN Staff

ROCKLAND, Maine — A 13-year-old New Hampshire boy who spends summers on Matinicus testified Wednesday about events leading up to the July 20, 2009, shooting on the town wharf.

Edwin Vance Bunker, 68, of Matinicus and Owls Head is charged with two counts of elevated aggravated assault, criminal threatening and reckless conduct. His daughter, Janan Miller, 45, of Spruce Head is charged with reckless conduct.

Calvin Johnstone of Hopkinton, N.H., testified on the third day of the trial in Knox County Superior Court that he was on Bunker’s boat when Christopher Young, 42, of Owls Head boarded the boat without permission at about 5:30 a.m. July 20. Johnstone also told the jury he heard Young threaten Miller’s husband, Alan Miller, 60, of Spruce Head over a radio that lobstermen use to communicate with each other and relatives onshore.

The boy, who was 12 in July, said that he has spent the past four summers on Matinicus, where his family has a summer home. For the past two years, he has worked for Bunker on his lobster boat.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Work Under Way On New Terminal -- Owls Head Maine

The new terminal is fine....

But as always it'll be overpriced, missed deadlines and more than the actual citizens want.

Oh well......

Besides.....what was wrong with the other terminal? 

OWLS HEAD, Maine (AP) ― Work is under way on a new terminal at a regional airport along the midcoast of Maine.

The terminal at the Knox County Regional Airport in Owls Head outside of Rockland is now comprised of two double-wide trailers. It has frequent power outages, water leaks and sewage backups, and its floors aren't stable enough to hold the latest Transportation Security Administration equipment.

The $4 million replacement terminal will be nearly four times bigger with enough space for new security equipment, administrative offices, restrooms, seating, a cafe, a gift shop and car rental offices.

The terminal serves Cape Air, a commercial airline that flies between Owls Head to Boston. The new facility is expected to open between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year.

Opposing views offered as Matinicus shooting trial begins

This will be an interesting trial.

The situation would not have happened if Young did not trespass or threaten Bunker.

Keep in mind, Young threatened Bunker earlier in the day, and trespassed on Bunker's boat (with a gun).

Shooting Young may not have been the best solution. But we all have the right to bare arms and protect our family and property.

Here's the story...................................................

By Stephen Betts

Rockland — The prosecution and defense attorney painted different perspectives March 8 on the shooting of a lobsterman on Matinicus last summer.

"This case is about the use, or rather the misuse, of a firearm and the misuse of a firearm by the two defendants," District Attorney Geoffrey Rushlau said in his opening statements to jurors March 8 in Knox County Superior Court.

Philip Cohen, the attorney for 68-year-old Edwin Vance Bunker, said, however, that his client felt he had no choice but to have his revolver and to fire it on the Steamboat Wharf last July 20 on Matinicus.

"He had a reasonable belief that he had to shoot to protect his family and protect himself," Cohen said.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

O'Hara Firm Buys Key City Property

I always wondered why it took so long to sell this property.

It was probably overpriced, over-valued and insufficient zoning.

But I'm glad someone bought it and plans to clean it up....


By Stephen Betts
Rockland — An O'Hara company has purchased the former Bonnar Vawter building on New County Road, two weeks after the Rockland City Council gave final approval to zone changes for that parcel and adjoining ones.

Bebo LLC of 120 Tillson Ave. in Rockland purchased the property Feb. 19 from Restoration Associates II of Newton, Mass., according to a deed filed with the Knox County Registry of Deeds.
Bebo's manager is Francis J. O'Hara Jr., according to a statement filed with the corporations bureau of the Maine Department of the Secretary of State.

City officials acknowledged a few months ago that they have had discussions with potential developers interested in locating on New County Road but have not identified those parties at the developers' requests.

Monday, March 8, 2010

3 Bedroom House in St George for Rent -- $900 Month

I mean......$900 a month for an older home in St George is pretty steep in my book.

For some reason, most real estate investors refuse to accept we're in a Depression. We're not a recession or even severe's called a "depression".

And so...I think home rentals like this one are still way over priced.

I hope the owners find a renter....but it'll probably be on the market for a while.

Anyway, here's the deal......

3 bedroom in St George, bungalow, on Wiley's Corner, dishwasher, w/d, nice yard, $900/mo plus utilities

Category: Unfurnished Homes
Phone: 207-354-0100
Posted: Feb 16, 2010

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Possible Hoax: Caller Says Fisherman in Water Off Vinahaven

Not good.........

Vinalhaven — Coast Guard Sector Northern New England issued a request for assistance Saturday after receiving a call from a man claiming to be a fisherman whose boat was sinking off Vinalhaven. A spokesman for Sector Northern New England said Saturday afternoon that safety personnel were treating the situation as a real case, although there was suspicion that the call was a hoax.

According to Lt. Brian Hollis at Sector Northern New England in Portland, a call came in around mid-day from a man, saying that he was a fisherman whose vessel was sinking and upside down, and that he was holding onto the hull.

Sector Northern New England issued two calls for assistance, and had received two responses from mariners on the water, Hollis said. The Coast Guard dispatched both fixed-wing and rotor-wing aircraft, and personnel from Station Rockland were on the way to the site of the sinking by 1 p.m., he said.

Those attending the Maine Fishermen's Forum reported seeing the Coast Guard's helicopter take off from the Samoset Resort in Rockport.