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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Rock City Books & Coffee -- Main Street Rockland Maine

This is my watering hole......

You can find me here every morning about 8:00.

I've been coming here since we moved to Maine in 1993. They were at a different location.

Five stars.

Marc Charles "The Ice Man"


Staff (minus Lucas)

Friday, April 2, 2010

Rockport Maine Estate For Sale $1.9 Million

I'm amazed a 2 million dollar estate is listed for sale using 50 cent photography.

I mean come on.......spring for a few professional high resolution photos and bring it up a notch.

This place is overpriced and overvalued in my opinion. 

Even using comps in the neighborhood its over priced. it is..................

1 Rockport Ledges

Year Built: 1983
Square Footage: 3495 sq ft
Lot Size (Acres): 6.440
Rooms: 8; Bedrooms: 4
Baths: 1; ½ Baths: 1; ¾ Baths: 1
Exquisite oceanfront home flooded with light. Panoramic views of ocean & Indian Island lighthouse. Inviting deck with stairway leading to a pier perched above the sea. Bold ocean frontage. Beautifully landscaped. Superb sun & moon rises.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Retail Sales Slump Resumes

No surprise here......

What's surprising is almost no one prepared for this ahead of time.

There were obvious signals there was impending problems.

Oh's the story.....

By Stephen Betts

Retail sales in the Midcoast in January were down from a year ago, ending a one-month break from a 16-month string of lower sales.

Overall retail sales in January for a region that includes all of Knox County as well as the adjacent Waldo County towns of Islesboro and Lincolnville were $21 million, down 3 percent from January 2009.

The figures for 2010 were down 17 percent from the record January sales set in 2008 of $25.2 million. The January 2010 sales were the lowest for the month since $21 million in 2002.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Rockland Recreation Center Expected to Reopen in April

I've coached many games at the Rec center.

And now....$700,000 later it'll reopen.

I'm a big fan of the Rec center and what it does. And I now some people have no problem increasing taxes to pay for the remodel.

But here's my opinion.........

The Rec center could have been built from the ground up, at a new location, with radiant heat, state of the art floors, walls, lighting, air conditioning.....and equipment.....for a FRACTION of the rebuild cost.

That's right.

I realize the common sense approach would have never passed city counsel, the residents, and people that actually use the facility.

But believe it or not....the majority is seldom right.

You could have built a nice steel building with all of the above, in a nice location, for $250,000.

What's more, the current rebuild won't last long......and there's STILL a mold and heating problem.

Oh well......................

Here's the deal..........

By Stephen Betts
Rockland — The Rockland Recreation Center could reopen by early April after seven months of construction to breathe new life into the 75-year-old community building.

The new gym floor has been installed and new locker rooms have been built where the racquetball courts had been located.

Two finishing coats are being applied to the new floor. The floor needs to dry for 10 days before the retractable bleachers can be installed, said Recreation Director Rene Dorr. The bleachers will be located on the west side of the building where the old locker rooms were located.

Pirates Make Demands Threaten Departure -- Marc Charles

Oh brother.............

Here we go......

Look....nobody likes paying for hockey...with a few exceptions. That's why they're not making money. Plus the City of Portland holds teams hostage. 

Pirates just the team and money....the city won;t give in...its government.

Here's the deal.......

By The Mainebiz New Staff

The owner of the Portland Pirates says he wants a 15-year lease and revenue sharing with the Cumberland County Civic Center on future naming rights and concessions before the team will agree to stay in Portland.

While he's making these demands, Brian Petrovek, managing owner and CEO of the Portland Pirates, has admitted for the first time that he's been in talks with officials in Albany about moving the minor league hockey team to that city. However, Petrovek told the Portland Press Herald he is still focused on working out a deal with the civic center that would allow the team to stay in Portland.

Petrovek said he would give up the $40,000 per year paid by the civic center to cover the team’s projected deficit and also rebates paid by the civic center when the Pirates meet attendance goals.

Under the current lease, the civic center received all of the more than $346,000 in concessions revenue generated by Pirates games during the 2008-2009 season.

The civic center’s board of trustees was scheduled to meet Friday morning and discuss Petrovek’s proposal, according to the Press Herald. Neal Pratt, chairman of the trustees, told the newspaper that a deal is unlikely given what Petrovek is seeking in the new lease agreement. The Pirates' current five-year lease expires on April 30.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Snow Bowl Remains Open Despite Contrary Rumors

The kids had a blast at the Snow Bowl this year.

But it's expensive...even with a scholorship (with paid a portion of the season pass).

Don't get me wrong....I'm thankful for the hill and for all the work people do.

But it's still pricey.

Here the story.....................

Camden — The first days of March have brought a change in the air, but occasional flurries and temperatures below the freezing mark at night have allowed the Camden Snow Bowl to maintain the slopes for skiing.

"The skiing is great right now," said Beth Ward of the Snow Bowl. "Contrary to rumors, we are open and spring is a great time to get out and enjoy the mountain."

Grooming will get under way overnight on the Foxy, Half Hitch, Mussel Ridge, Clipper and Windjammer trails while the chairlift and Mighty Mite lifts will both run through the weekend.

The Snow Bowl will be open Friday, March 5 until 8 p.m. and the final Friday Night Racing Series will be held. The Sally Deaver Memorial Fun Race for all ages and abilities will be held Saturday, March 6 at 11 a.m. and the Shinbanger Terrain Park Contest slopestyle event will kick off Sunday, March 7 at 1 p.m. On Sunday, March 14 at noon, the uphill race with several different divisions will be held.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Talented Young Skaters Bring Dash of Color to Ice -- Midcoast Maine

It was a great show.

I would have turned the music up....added some thumping bass, and turned the house lights off for a super effect.....but that's me.

Still fun.

Here's the story...........................

Rockport — Some of the area's most talented young figure skaters — along with a few youngsters just beginning to hone their skills — brought dazzling and subtle color, along with plenty of upbeat music and fun, to the Midcoast Recreation Center ice Saturday afternoon in the Skating Club of Maine Coastal Region's final show of the year.

The show, "True Colors," had some of the club's most skilled skaters on hand, along with many basic skills members, to demonstrate their talents.

Saturday's show was to include the following program and skaters:
"True Colors" by Glee — Brooke Hammond, Olivia Hupper, Rose Valentine Hohfeld, Hayley Downs, Bethany Berry and Lily McVetty.

"I'm Blue" by Eiffle 65 — Introduction to Synchronized Skating class, including Delia Saastmoinen, Jessica Smalley, Amanda Chen, Ireland LeBlanc, Emie Wood, Kimberly Roman and Lexi Tinch.

"Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows" by Lesley Gore — Basic Skills Level 2, including Reijo Rantala, Lydia Bragg, Sophie Tempio-Wilson, Genevieve Tempio-Wilson, Hannah Parsons, Julia Low, Ella Powers, Mallory Tibbetts, Emma Gerrish, Aspen Laurita-Spanglet, Shannon Long, Shelby Lash and Jenna Stine.

"Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" by Elton John — Bethany Berry.

"Geek In Pink" by Jason Mraz — Julianna Haynes and Willow Grinnell.

"99 Red Balloons" by Nena — Introduction to Freeskate Class, including Emie Wood, Brianna Flynn, Brynn Kooyenga, Ireland LeBlanc, Kimberly Roman and Cat Cat Nguyen.

"Green Eggs and Ham" by Seussical the Musical — Theater on Ice class, including Elena Laustsen, Delia Saastamoinen, Janelle Fowlie, Amanda Chen, Kendall Rantala, Alora Rantala, Charisse Rantala and Alexia Hilt.

"Orange Colored Sky" by Michael Buble — Brooke Hammond.

"Sweet Silver Lining" by Kate Vogel — Amanda Hoppe and Elena Laustsen.

"Bad, Bad Leroy Brown" by Jim Croce — Basic Skills levels 3 and 4, including Zoey Sewall, Abby Dodd, Alexia Hilt, Lorin Gildersleeve, Lexi Tinch, Grace Powers and Janelle Fowlie.

"Red on a Rose" by Alan Jackson — Bethany Berry, Brooke Hammond, Hayley Downs, Olivia Hupper and Ashley Pezanowski.

"Silver, Blue and Gold" by Bad Company — Lily McVetty.

"Black Horse and the Cherry Tree" by K.T. Tunstall — Pursuit of Excellence class, including Elena Laustsen, Natasha Shacklett, Willow Grinnell, Ashley Pezanowski, Caroline Keefe, Julianna Haynes and Kacey Montana.

"Pink Cadillac" by Aretha Franklin — Olivia Hupper.

"Where the Green Grass Grows" by Tim McGraw — Jessica Smalley, Kimberly Roman, Amanda Chen and Ireland LeBlanc.

"Purple People Eater" by Big Bopper — Snow Plow and Basic Skills Level 1, including Arianna Cloutier, Ceci Tinch, Katelynn Colbry, Gabrielle Baughmann, Emily Wotton and Richard Rantala.

"Black Velvet" by Alannah Myles — Hayley Downs.

"Mellow Yellow" by Donovan — Basic Skills Levels 5 and 6, including Louisa Klemperer, Emie Wood, Olivia Powers, Lauren Hoppe, Kendall Rantala and Alora Rantala.

"Nights in White Satin" by Moody Blues — Harper Gordon, Kacey Montana and Caroline Keefe.
"Behind Blue Eyes" by The Who — Rose Valentine Hohfeld.

"Red Umbrella" by Faith Hill — Ashley Pezanowski and Natasha Shacklett.

"Back or White" by Michael Jackson — Basic Skills Levels 7 and 8, including Jessica Smalley, Jenna Taylor, Delia Saastamoinen, Brynn Kooyenga, Amanda Chen, Brianna Flynn and Charisse Rantala.

"Black and Gold" by Sam Sparro — Synchronized Skating Team, including Rose Valentine Hohfeld, Elena Laustsen, Willow Grinnell, Ashley Pezanwoski, Caroline Keefe, Jewelia Dickinson, Kacey Montana, Natasha Shacklett, Lily McVetty, Olivia Hupper, Amanda Hoppe, Clelia Sigaud, Karen Poulin, Julie Downs, Sue Haynes, Julianna Haynes and Hayley Downs.

"Colors of the Wind" by Vanessa Williams — Cast of "True Colors."

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Local Lobstermen See Income Drop Sharply Again

You know......

I don;t like to see entrepreneurs suffer. Plus, I have several close friends who lobster. I don't want them or their kids to suffer.

But, lobstermen in Maine have had a pretty good run. The bull market in lobsters can be traced to the bull market in stocks and real estate.

And now, we're in a depression. Lobstermen often believe they are isolated from reality and market forces. 

Not so.

What's more, there's always been an incredible arrogance among many lobstermen. Many of the younger ones built huge estates on the ocean, drive brand new SUVs, Pickups and Escalades. Many of them strut around town like they're invincible.

Well, apparently, contrary to popular opinion, people do not eat lobster "no matter how bad things get".

In other words, in a depression, like the one we're in right now.....people often forgo lobster dinners.

Yes....people still eat lobster. But it's only a small fraction of the population. Most people, and especially people in Maine, do not eat lobster that often.

Have you ever stopped to consider a lobster is 95% bone and water?

On top of that, lobsters are referred to as "bugs" by lobstermen. Lobsters are descendants of cock roaches.

Oh well.....

Here's the story........................

Knox County lobstermen saw their income plummet 18 percent last year, according to preliminary landing reports.

The amount of lobster landed across the state reached a record high but the price per pound paid to the harvesters continued to fall, resulting in a significant decline in income. The 75.6 million pounds of lobster landed in Maine were the most since the Maine Department of Marine Resources and National Marine Fisheries Service began keeping records.

Department of Marine Resources records go back to 1950, but only since 2004 have dealers been required to provide information on the lobsters sold to them.