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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Owls Head voters approve budget, borrowing

My question is this........

Does anyone......and I mean anyone......ever think slightly "out of the box"?

I'm not talking about anything radical.

I'm talking about common horse sense.

The answer is very few.

Why does the town have to borrow money to buy sand? On top of that, why do they need a15 year loan!

Has anyone learned anything the past 20 years? Borrowing and spending is not the answer.

Reduce debt. Cut expenses. Cut the dead weight free (fire people). Live with less or at least within your means.

Government and politicians will always...not sometimes...get it wrong.

That's my two sense.

Marc Charles


Owls Head — Owls Head voters agreed Aug. 23 to borrow $260,000 for a town-owned salt and sand shed.

The more than 50 residents who turned out at the Aug. 23 annual town meeting also adopted the 2010-2011 municipal budget of $884,567 as recommended by town officials.

Residents sped through the warrant, approving all 25 articles in less than a half hour. All items were approved unanimously except the salt and sand shed proposal, which garnered one no vote. There were also only a handful of questions asked during the meeting.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Methadone clinic owner files for bankruptcy

Oh boy.....

Not surprising.

What's surpirsing to me is awarding methadone clinic lisences to drug felons.

People raised all kinds of legitimate questions, problems and issues when this was discussed in Rockland Town Hall meetings.

Everything was ignored....and drug felons opened Turning Tide.

Oh well....



By Stephen Betts

Rockland — The owner of the Turning Tide methadone clinic in Rockland, which the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration shut down last week, filed for bankruptcy protection last month.

Angel Fuller-McMahan of Owls Head filed the bankruptcy petition July 21. The clinic owner filed under Chapter 13 and seeks to have her debts restructured.

In her petition, Fuller-McMahan claims to have assets of $1,774,000 and liabilities of $910,528.