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Friday, December 23, 2011

Hard-boiled DeCoster has a great fall, leaves the egg farm business

IOWA CITY, Iowa — A ruthless businessman who built one of the nation's largest egg production operations from scratch even as he racked up environmental and labor violations is getting out of the business in disgrace after one scandal was too much to overcome: a nationwide salmonella outbreak caused by his products.

Austin Jack DeCoster
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Austin “Jack” DeCoster, right, appears in a Lewiston courtroom in June 2010 to face animal cruelty charges related to the egg farm operation in Turner, Maine.
The Associated Press
Austin "Jack" DeCoster and his son, Peter, said in a written statement Monday that they have given up control of egg operations in Iowa, Maine and Ohio, including the farms that produced salmonella-tainted eggs that sickened an estimated 1,900 people and led to a recall of 550 million eggs. Federal inspectors later discovered filthy conditions at the farms, including dead rodents and towers of manure.

Hard Boiled Business Man

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