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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Owls Head Voters Agree to Fight Lawsuit

I found the story interesting....and quite common.

1. People from "away" buy land and homes in Maine.

2. The land or homes come with certain deed restrictions, including easements

3. Prospective owners understand the deed restrictions and easements, and often pay real estate attorneys to help them understand

4. Prospective owners agree to the terms. conditions, restrictions and easements

5. Prospective owners change their mind and do not like people walking past or near their property.

6. Prospective owners join committees and councils to change laws (especially as it relates to their land and investments)

7. When this fails - prospective owners sue.

8. Locals do not like to be htreatened or sued, and especially not from people from "away"

9. People from away lose court decisions (or settle out of court) 90% of the time

I believe the people form away will lose this time too.

Marc Charles

Owls Head — Nearly 100 residents overwhelmingly agreed at a special town meeting Dec. 19 to spend up to $50,000 on legal fees to defend a lawsuit brought to overturn the town's easement on a road that leads to the waterfront.
"We need to send a message," resident Nina Paul said about people who buy property in the town and then try to cut off access to neighbors and other residents.
Other residents agreed.

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