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Monday, January 9, 2012

State police probe computer impersonation case at Camden Town Office

Kinda funny......

Disgruntled employees or colleagues with access to computers and the Internet -- oh my.

Marc "The Troublemaker"

Camden — State police are investigating the Camden development director for possibly impersonating a state government official who holds the job he once held.
No criminal charges have been filed against Camden Development Director Brian Hodges.
The state police computer crimes unit obtained search warrants Dec. 20 to seize the computer and computer records at Hodges' office at the Camden Town Office and at the home where Hodges lives in West Gardiner.
The investigation began Oct. 17 when Maine Community and Economic Development Director George Gervais asked to talk to the state police. Gervais complained that someone was sending out emails to state employees, purporting to come from Deputy Commissioner Deb Neuman.
The emails came from the address with the screen name "Deb N." Neuman has a radio show called Back to Business. Neuman was hired by Gervais in July to be deputy commissioner.

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