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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Air Force One touches down at Bangor International Airport

BANGOR, Maine — The mammoth jet airplane popularly known as Air Force One caused more than a few double takes as it taxied around Bangor International Airport on Monday afternoon.
Drivers waiting for the light to change at the intersection of Maine Avenue and Hammond Street remained stopped even after getting a green light as the Boeing 747-200B series VC-25 with the blue nose, red, white and blue color scheme and American flag on the tail touched down at BIA and taxied to the opposite side near the Maine Air National Guard Base.
President Barack Obama made several stops in New Hampshire and Massachusetts on Monday as the presidential campaign season begins to heat up.
“Generally, what happens is they’ll offload the president and his personnel there and the airplane will continue up here and wait, just in case,” said Tony Caruso, BIA’s interim director. “They brought it up here to wait out the night and I guess it’ll leave here tomorrow sometime.

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